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To anchor and radiate love, light, and joy; increase self-awareness; inspire and contribute to the elevation of global consciousness; and create a safe container to nurture compassion, empathy, and personal growth for those

who seek it.


☆Astrology Guide & Teacher☆

☆Healing Professional☆


I, Tully Astromancer, 

hereby invite you to the spectacular party that is your true self. 

Above the rocks of self betrayal, above the magma of anger, the swamp of sadness, the tar pits of guilt, above the tall grasses of loneliness, above the trees of body dismorphia, above the mountainous negative reinforcement perceived in your environment, above all these you are a dazzling flame of a spirit.

To come to this party you must unclench your fists and drop the hot dirty pebbles of all that you no longer wish to hold.

The full moon is lifting us there! 


Be a part of The Tully Astromancer Esoteric Social Club  On Zoom by Donation!


~Follow Quintile Astromancy~

Offering a safe space of non-judgement, assistance and inspiration for increasing self-awareness and cultivating radiant optimal health and wellness, through the practice of Metaphysical Healing and Astrology.


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