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Astrology Course Offerings 

I Teach Three Fun & Interactive Levels of Astrology.
Through scheduled ZOOM events, private sessions, and through


• Level One

An Introduction to Astrology:

Learn of the Planets, Signs, Houses, and how to interpret your own natal chart. Take home study aides and a copy of your natal chart will be provided.

• Level Two

Advanced Astrology:

Learn of the favorable and unfavorable planetary Placements, Aspects, as well as Decans, and the distinct types of Signs and Houses for an even more in-depth analysis. (Pre requisite for this course is my Level One Class, OR, a display of general competency regarding the Level One course material.)

• Level Three

Intermediate Astrology:

Learn a more Karmic/Metaphysical view of Astrology, as well as the influences of Asteroids and Black Holes. (Pre requisite for this course is my Level One Class, OR, a display of general competency regarding the Level One course material.)

All Classes are 5 hours in Length and are $200 per person.

Keep an Eye out for Special Pricing for my Classes

which I offer from time to time.

Be sure to keep your take home study aides and

personal natal chart provided for future events.

Love & Light,
Tully Astromancer

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Public Notice:

Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine, but rather to complement it. If symptoms persist or the ailment is severe, please immediately consult a Medical Doctor or a Certified Pranic Healer. Pranic Healers are not Medical Doctors, but Medical Doctors can be Pranic Healers. Pranic Healers should not make Medical Diagnosis. Pranic Healers should not prescribe Medications and / or Medical Treatments. Pranic Healers should not interfere with prescribed Medications and / or with Medical Treatments. 

Astrology points only toward potentials. It is up to the individual to use their discernment. Tully does NOT practice predictive Astrology.