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Can be described as

Astrology combined with Intuition.

Divination through the Stars.

Multifarious cycles have passed since the Race of Man first set its sights upon the movements of the heavens. The awe generated by these movements has inspired those of the logical mind to chart the courses of the heavenly bodies, while those of the intuitive mind received the

information which these bodies, through their dances, sent toward Earth.


One’s natal chart reveals all the lessons that One’s soul has come to this incarnation to learn, and tells of the template to which One will revert if they are not consciously living. Every person has their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the positive and negative traits inherent to them.


Astrology, among its many other facets, assists One toward self-realization. It brings awareness to the reasons as to why One thinks, acts, and reacts in the ways that One does; which is generally a liberating, relieving, and therapeutic experience. Understanding Astrology is equivalent to having a map, verses not having a map. The evolution of the soul can flourish, avoiding pitfalls and stagnancy.


Clarity and greater ease of living do accompany practiced self-awareness, allowing One to be more self-compassionate. Through working constructively and creatively with One’s natal chart content, the soul obtains greater levels of control over the destiny, as well as the Karma that is generated through daily living.


In today’s society, many people seek to escape what is misunderstood within. Perhaps unaware that there is a method of gaining insight and self-acceptance that has been around as long as there have been Stargazers.




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