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Astro Updates

Sun in Libra


   in Libra

The Sun is in Libra!
Libra is a Cardinal Sign. Cardinal signs are the initiators of the New Seasons. Libra is the initiates the Autumn and the Dark half of the year.

In this seventh sign of the Zodiac, we find the vital energies of the Sun warming and enhancing our partnerships, how we relate to others, and our balance between the two polarities that pull us between the world within us and the world outside of ourselves. The energetic influences of Libran Sun find us more sociable valuing harmony and peace. Violence, be it physical, mental, emotional or psychic, all become quite distasteful. Indecisiveness is present as we can see clearly the variables within choices, decisions, and interactions. We are more flexible and even tempered. The Air Sign Charm and Diplomacy of Libra and the affective beauty of his ruling planet Venus, as well as the seriousness of co ruling planet Saturn, are in correlation with Karmic Law, Justice, Equality, Harmony, Beauty, Charm, Seduction, Music and Meditation. In this time of Libra Sun I encourage everyone to be more aware of how they affect others. Practice loving kindness and diplomacy. Find the areas where you are weak willed and strengthen your self-love to purify your life of all that restricts you through chains of fear. Autumn is now, and is the time when it is most important to practice self-purification. Libran Sun helps us to become aware of what no longer serves us so that Scorpio Sun can assist us in stripping it all away. So it is best spent for us to sit in stillness, meditate, go within and really take a deep look into ourselves and discover how we can restore harmony to our lives. Beware of urges to indulge in dubious adherences, and especially in dishonest compromises.


Mercury in Libra


in Libra

During this time we long for intellectual equality and mental affinity with others. Any inherent charm, civility, and diplomatic abilities get a boost.
We are able to relate with greater ease to others and their points of view. We are more social and enjoy creating harmonious and pleasant conversations.
We can be more initiating of ideas, and our abstract thinking ability leads to objective and balanced view points and opinions.
We become more discerning, critical, and aware of the subtle nuances that create or destroy harmony.
Communication blesses us with the ability to determine the character of those with whom we interact, what makes us different, what makes us similar, and to share our knowledge and information. Take the time to discover who you are, what makes you the unique individual that you are.


Mercury Retrograde
Venus in Leo


     in Leo

Venus has re- entered Leo in her retrograde.

Venus is governess of our affections, values and resources as well as our feminine side.
As she frolics through the constellation of Leo, the areas listed above are impassioned with a noble heart, brilliance, and the desire for expression and recognition. Warmed and revitalized, we experience our emotions and feelings to the fullest. We are less inclined to compromise and our values may become superficial. This can be a good time for those who are too selfless as now they are able to take more for themselves, and as for those who are already too self-focused, be more generous. We long to find someone to admire, someone with commendable passion. We want a lover who is loyal and with whom there is mutual amazement. Remember that within a relationship, pride is detrimental to harmony and genuine exchanges.

Mars in Virgo


   in Virgo

Mars represents our desire, how we project our spirit (will), our masculine side and our sexuality. At this time our drives, our desires, and how we project our spirit out into the world revolve around being of use, as well as prioritizing so that we can give our all to our undertakings. This time is best used for improving our health and attending to the small meticulous details that usually daunt us. People with sensitive nervous systems may feel overwhelmed during this period, care should be taken in regards to ensuring we have the rest we need to stay strong and active.



Jupiter in Virgo


  in Virgo

Jupiter is benevolent and expansive, the planet of the guru or spiritual teacher, he represents our ability for spiritual growth and development, charged with the innate ability for viewing the "Big picture."

Naturally ruling Pisces, when found in this opposite sign of Virgo he is in his detriment, for now he must forgo his broad and clear view of the forest, compelled toward counting, evaluating, and categorizing all the trees.

There are potentials toward bouts of being overly fussy, blustery, with exaggeration, and unsustainable over expansion.

By practicing Virgo’s virtues of honesty, service, and practicality, we can attract good fortune. We can make our visions a reality by setting clear attainable goals to give direction and purpose to our manifestations.

Saturn in Sagittarius


in Sagittarius

Wherever Saturn is, there is a reconciliation, a forced harmonizing of that which is out of balance. During this time of Saturn in Sagittarius, we are less likely to indulge our whims, adventure in to the undiscovered, or be flighty and unreliable, as our sense of responsibility and authority increase. Our focus is on achieving goals and not as much on the frivolities of life. This is a time to take a look at how authentic we are in the areas of generosity and staying true to our goals and visions. Also a good time for higher, or extended, education. On the flip side, this period could be used by those of us who are already too serious, to schedule time for more freedom and loosening up, the Key word here being, “Schedule”.

Uranus in Aries


       in Aries

Uranus is an outter planet who correlates with Divine intelligence. He is the higer octave of Mercury. Uranus influences generations of people and His energies are beyond our control unless they aspect one of our personal planets.


In Aries His shocking, chaotic, disruptive, rebellious, revolutionary, electrifying, and eccentric nature is brazen and explosive as His energies leap forth with Arian oomph.


Uranus Retrograde
Neptune in Pisces


          in Pisces

Neptune is an outter planet who correlates with Divine Love. He is the higer octave of Venus. Neptune influences generations of people and His energies are beyond our control unless they aspect one of our personal planets.


He is at home in Pisces as this is the sign which He rules. The last time that He was at home here in Pisces, humanity experienced the period of the rennaisance.


Neptune Retrograde
Pluto in Capricorn


in Capricorn

Pluto is an outter planet who correlates with Divine Power. He is the higer octave of Mars. Pluto influences generations of people and His energies are beyond our control unless they aspect one of our personal planets.


In Capricorn, his deep, raw, transformational powers are churning up and transforming how we perceive physical resources, finances, government, social structures, and all other things presided over by Capricorn.




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