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My Community

To these People I give Outstanding Recommendation,

Due to Their Strength of Character, Talent, and Heart.

Goldie Lundbek

is a remarkable woman with an impressive background in medicine as well as many healing modalities. Offering a spiritual sanctuary of knowledge, respect, trust, and love for people from all walks of life. She is the Founder of the Phoenix Rising Oasis, a holistic wellness center in Langley, British Columbia, on the Fraser Highway one way.  Please look into her amazing services.

Lynda Wylde

*Reiki*Chromalive*Sound Therapy*

*Crystaline Healing*Crystal Singing Bowls*Reader*


Brings her passion for creating to life through her craft of  Knitting, Sewing, Dye Making, and Eco Printing. Immortalizing Flora on natural textiles, using what nature offers her. I definitely recommend checking out her work.


Lynda Wylde

*Retired and Dreaming*Maker*dyer*

*Tea Drinker*Nature lover*Bird Watcher*

*Knitter*Sewing Enthusiast*Adventurer*

Lynda Wylde

is a beautiful Soul who unites those awakening to their Spirituality in South Surrey/White Rock through her Community Building Heila Events. An admirable pursuit that I am grateful to promote on my Community Page.

Lynda Wylde

Artist, Crystal Admirer & Event Host for Heila Promotions. Hosting Clairvoyants, Energy Workers, and Wellness Practitioners.

Georgianne (Star Seed) Smith

is a remarkable Woman, a talented Artist, and was my first Astrology Student. Her wonderful creations have captured my heart, I encourage you to look a what she offers.

Tiger Lily Art

T I G E R - L I L Y A R T 🕊🌿 | Mama | Artist | Photographer | Handpainted | Bespoke Astrological Art Work | DM to order |

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