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Rocky~ Tully is a master at his craft. I found his personality, his passion and his wisdom to be compelling and accurate. I would recommend anyone to see Tully for a reading.

Jason~ Tully is a wonderful soul who radiates a peaceful, loving, nurturing energy. He answered all questions in as much detail as I wanted and made sure I had an understanding of what was being told to me. He is thorough, detailed and extremely helpful. His astrology reading was with pin point accuracy!! It was unbelievable. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone and will be telling friends and family about his services. He truly cares and has a genuine desire to help those in need. I will most certainly be calling upon him for more of his services because you don't meet beautiful souls such as Tully very often. Thank you Tully!! 
Jason Mancini 

Mirette~ 🌟 Tully is an amazing soul and excellent at his craft as an astrologer! 💜 If you seek answers, he can help you find them.🌟

Shelina~ I was impressed at the details and clarity of information about my chart done by Tully. I liked the suggestions on how to work with various aspects. I learnt a lot from the session and appreciate how clear the messages were.  I would highly recommend Tully's work. Thank you.
Shelina Manji

Iris~ He is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!
One of the best Pranic Healers in town, and his astrology work is INCREDIBLY ACCURATE!
Thank you so much Tully for your dedication and your contribution into healing this planet. 

Cindy~ Thank you for all your healings and insight :)


Harlow~ Thank you Tully for all the healings you performed on me. They really do work and provide relief! You are such an amazing soul filled with loved ment to great and wonderful things for all! I love your new website-it looks fabulous! - Harlow


Jacomina~ Thank you Tully for the amazing experience I had with you today at the vancouver clinic. You gave above and beyond my expectations. In other words your dedication, knowledge and passion for this type of work really impressed me. I will be back. peace jackie

Denise~ Beautiful website! Well done and I love the information. You are so on purpose with what you have chosen for yourself. Keep up the great work Astromancer!! xo

Kylie~ Joy, whimsy, grace and wisdom - these are just a few of the many wonderful qualities that Tully embodies. I have been fortunate enough to have several energy healings and astrology readings from Tully. The depth of his knowledge, intuitive wisdom and healing abilities of Tully greatly transform your perspective of your current situation. His simple, straightforward astrology readings bring light and clarity to any reoccuring themes, plus he adds in a timeline for when things will shift so you can hold on!

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