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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

Mars is now in Aries!
As Mars is the Ruling Planet of Aries, our desires, passions, drives, and sexuality are expressed with greater ease. Our lifeblood is pumping now and as it courses through our being we have much more energy available to us. Be wise as to how this energy is directed, for lurking beneath the surface may be decreased patience, quicker tempers, and choices made without reason.
All in all a good time for physical activity.

Mars is now in Taurus!

Our drives and the directing of our desires are steadfast and dependable, however stubbornness may slow things down at this time. Try and avoid being bull headed by listening to the ideas of others with an open and non-confrontational mind frame. Action is slow to be initiated as we think carefully over every move, preferring security to that which is new. We can be more efficient and persevering, and when we decide on what it is we want, we have the energy available to us now to see it through to completion. We are driven to sensuality, be cautious not to over indulge.

Mars is now in Gemini!

Our lower mental realms ignite with passion, drive, perhaps even aggression and impatience. We are quick to speak our minds and opinions, maybe too quick, and to put our plans into action without much forethought.  Our sociability is increased greatly as we are driven to communicate. So get out there and sparkle.

Mars is in Cancer
Mars represents our desire, how we project our spirit (will), our masculine side and our sexuality. As Mars is in his Fall in Cancer, his weakest position, we may need to discover new and creative ways to express our desires and will, as there now are more blocks to the free expression of them. The nature of Mars is to project, to express, to advance; in Cancer, Mars
retreats into the private life, into the home, like a hermit crab. During this time, beware passive agression, or holding frustration till you burst. The fire of Mars and the water of Cancer meet and boiling, steamy, hissing emotional projections may become more apparent. We may become more emotionally defensive, and aggressive, and project these defensive emotions more readily during this time. This can manifest destructively, such as through careless interpersonal rampages, or be harnessed constructively to direct the emotions in healthy ways toward creating the space needed to feel comfortable and safe. No point in sleeping on barnacles and then complaining about it, get up and swim over to a nice sea sponge.

Moon in Aries

Moon in Taurus

Moon in Gemini

Moon in Cancer

Moon in Leo

Moon in Virgo

Mars is in Leo

Our passions are aroused and the ability to express our personal desires becomes easier in this time. We are also likely to go after what we want for ourselves. We are braver, bolder,  more noble and sincere. Potentials are present to fight to the last breath, be certain, when this energy is exerted, that it is for something worth while and not out of stubbornness or pride.

Mars is in Virgo,
At this time our drives, our desires, and how we project our spirit out into the world revolve around being of use, as well as prioritizing so that we can give our all to our undertakings. This time is best used for improving our health and attending to the small meticulous details that usually daunt us. People with sensitive nervous systems may feel overwhelmed during this period, care should be taken in regards to ensuring we have the rest we need to stay strong and active.


Mars is now in Libra!
As he naturally rules Aries, he is in Detriment in Libra. This means that his negative side will be more apparent. Mars represents our drive, desires, lust, masculine side, sexuality, as well as how we project ourselves out into the world, and how we react to provocation and other life experiences. His negative traits are anger, all types of violence (physical/ mental/verbal/emotional/ psychic), leaping before looking, and insensitivity. These negative traits, expressed through Libra, will occur very passive aggressively. The cold knife behind the charming smile so to speak. This is not a placement that is doomed by any means, but the positives of Mars in Libra will need to be accentuated more, as the negatives are so easily expressed. Positives of this placement could be, fighting for what's fair, spicing up your love life, setting a routine for meditation, and conscious socializing (being aware of the group dynamic and how one fits into it to create a positive and harmonious atmosphere)

Mars has Entered Scorpio
As Mars is one of the natural ruling planets of Scorpio, he expresses himself well in this position. We become more aware of our survival instincts, and the wills of others may be perceived as threatening. We are keen to perceive power struggles, and difficulties stimulate us. Our crises coping ability is enhanced, as is our sexual magnetism and desires. We must be discerning with the urges to challenge, and careful not to antagonize. Our vitality increases and we may become more suspicious. Practicing honesty and integrity at this time will yield the best and most fruitful rewards. Beware the tendency toward thinking below the waist. Move it up to your heart and transmute it because That is where all our true power is generated.

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars represents our desire, how we project our spirit, our masculine side and our sexuality.During this time of Mars in Sagittarius our potency is aroused when we have to go ahead in discovery or to broaden our horizons. We are more brave and adventurous and we commit easily to relieving collective struggles. We are more straightforward, direct and enthusiastic, moving easily past limitations to take action. We value optimism and honesty more at this time however we are also blunter and less diplomatic. Original solutions may emerge now and reality becomes impossible to ignore.

Moon in Libra

Moon in Scorpio

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Pisces

Mars is now in Capricorn!

He finds his best and highest vibrational expression here. The fusion of drive and passion with responsibility and steadfast constancy helps us to get things done! So start a list of what needs doing, and work toward your goals and dreams every chance you get. As discipline is at a high, success is more attainable now by putting the effort in. Planning for the future will bring more rewards than we may expect. We are able to be more controlled in our expressions of anger, sexuality, energy, and drive. Observe and temper the tendency toward being too hard on the self and others.

Mars is now in Aquarius

Our desires and drives take on a more detached and humanitarian aura. Our eccentricities and that which makes us individuals shows more easily now and freedom of this expression is of utmost importance. We are more tolerant of diversity and intolerant of intolerance. Our aggressive natures will show in the face of inequality and disrespect. We quest for noble causes to champion, and find our best expression in dynamic situations.

Mars is now in Pisces

Our desires, will, and drive take on a mystical, vague, and nebulous cloak as they connect us with source. We may simply not know what to do, or how to act, as the ground beneath our intentions and motivations turns to mist. Quagmires of martyrdom abound for the impatient and headstrong. Our desire, drive, and will may lead us to further our connection with source and the unseen worlds. Beware as addictive habits and tendencies may flare up at this time and lead us to follow paths that put instant gratification/relief over truth and our higher purpose.

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