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The Moon is in Cancer! We find ourselves retreating to our homes, where we feel safest. Homesickness may best describe this feeling that comes over us. We long to be surrounded by those who know us best. As Cancer is ruled by the Moon we find this time an especially emotional one. We may become nostalgic over an old friend or lover and mood swings from high to low are a potential occurrence. We are more sympathetic at this time. Taking care of our home and close ties are important. It is a time to replenish ourselves from our journeys out in the world. This is a time to add emotional depth to any artistic projects that are in the works. Be careful, as this is an empathic time, not to get too lost in the clouds of others as we feel great compassion now. You may discover or rediscover your personal brand of soothing that you can share with humanity.



The Moon is in Leo! We are rested from the respite of the Cancerian Moon we are overcome with a need to socialize, to laugh, to party, to be with others and have our light seen and appreciated. A time of Joy and living from the heart we want fun and festivities. It is the perfect time to avoid planning and just go where your sweet heart takes you. It is a time when your inner child shines through and loves to play in the land of make-believe. Spending time on your appearance will allow you to enjoy this time when men are cockier and women flirtier as we embrace our sexy sides in fun and playful ways. Sparkles are in the air and we are inspired to encourage our friends to shine brightly and take the stage. As Leo Moon supports theater it is a great time to make the world your stage.

Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries.jpg

The Moon is in Aries!

We are filled with a burst of newness that can be channeled toward new beginnings. This is a Great opportunity to take the dreamy self-revelations experienced over the last few days when the Moon was in Pisces, and put into action a new game plan that we can nurture throughout the Moon’s procession through the signs. Energies run high as feelings of spontaneity, enthusiasm and restlessness are with us now. We are impulsive and must think before acting. Energy is best channeled into physical activity. Feelings of frustration, anger and aggression may be prominent at this time as well so please remember to practice patience, loving kindness and non-injury.

Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus.jpg

The Moon is exalted in Taurus! 

Which means that this ride will be a smooth one. Practical matters are highlighted as well as taking the time to enjoy our sensual sides. Candle lights, good food and good company are enhanced with the light of the beauty and charm that is possessed by the Goddess Venus, Governess of Taurus. These energies allow us to be in the moment, slow down and enjoy the beauty that we have been manifesting in our lives. Music is especially appreciated at this time. Savor things that relax you. Take a nap if you can. The Moon in Taurus allows us to focus on one thing at a time and to find that tasks completion.

Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemini.jpg

The Moon is in Gemini!


Communication is highlighted. Thinking, learning, curiosity, socializing are supported at this time. Our reactions are quick and perceptive. As we tend to be more intellectual, be sure to verbalize your feelings. We crave variety in this light-hearted and breezy time but we can also be restless and fickle. Habits are in a cycle of change. Being able to see both polarities at once without falling into one side or the other is possible now.

Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer.jpg

The Moon is in Domicile in Cancer!  


This becomes a good time to reflect and go within. Reflecting upon our souls, assists with our ego alignment. I discourage ego shaming. The Ego is very necessary, but must be brought into alignment with the soul. When our shadows are taller than our souls there is an imbalance that promotes fear and shame. Turning inward now provides the opportunity to see clearly the shadow and nourish our souls through our God-given gifts of imagination, visualization, and self reflection. Offer your shadow compassion, patience, understanding, nurturing, and sincere care. You are the only you that we have, in our rich tapestry.

Moon in Leo


The Moon is in Leo!


Our inner worlds have been filled with a desire to play, have fun, and be seen. The arts, the theatre, playful pastimes, romantic affairs, music, and children are highlighted. A good time for self reflection and self expression. Return to the self. To what makes us unique and special and what makes us individuals. 

Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo.jpg

The Moon is in Virgo!


We are driven to organize, clean and tidy parts of our lives that we have been neglecting. Remember that Cleanliness is next to Godliness. It is a time to refine projects that we have been working on. This time supports self-improvement, acting with purpose, focusing on details, and finding the joy in cleaning up. Also supported are completing/working on tasks that are time consuming, meticulous, and require concentration. With the Moon in Virgo you can breeze through these tasks far easier than any other time. The mind becomes more analytical and critical and it is easy to sort through and to weed out what you no longer want or need. Health is highlighted, a great time to exercise and focus on improving your health, eat more fiber, drink more water, search out a multivitamin that you resonate with. Virgo is also the sign of Service. To volunteer your time in service is as easy as picking up litter in your neighborhood.

Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra.jpg

The Moon is in Libra!

A social time, seek out your best pal and sparkle the night away. At this time it is easier for us to see the other point of view clearly and so being with others is easy and breezy. This is a great time for entertaining and Libra loves luxury so break out the candles and fine china. Make the space beautiful and spirits will soar. Libra passes over discord in favor of peace and harmony. This is a beautifully balanced time of charm and companionship. An evening of Beauty is in order and is well supported at this time as Libra is ruled by the goddess of Beauty (Venus) along with the great solidifier (Saturn). All beauty treatments at this time will last, and last far longer than if done under any other Moon. (Except perhaps Taurus). Also a time for balancing your connection between the inner and outter wold, ie meditation.

Moon in Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio.jpg

The Moon is in Scorpio!


Our inner worlds are tinted with a secretive, mysterious and seductive mood. The energy of this time favor us going to the depths of our emotional well to excavate the depths in favor of transformation and death of that which no longer serves our highest good. We have the determination at this time as this is a fixed sign. Our psychic/intuitive faculties are strengthened as well, though suspicion and negativity may prevail if we lose objectivity. This time reminds us that there is more to life than meets the eye. We may seek out silence in this time if small talk becomes irritating. We crave deeper levels of communication and are not afraid to face the demons within us to shed upon them the light of truth that they may dissolve away. This is a time where we are attracted to mystery and detective like themes. We are drawn to the darker sides of life and of our shadow selves.

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius.jpg

The Moon is in Sagittarius!


We are at our most optimistic and upbeat. Truth and new vision motivate us now. We set our sights to the distance to scout out what we will aim for next in our dreams and goals. It is a time to focus on the big picture, forsaking the details for the moment to visualize where we want to be next. We can be restless and are interested in adventures and spontaneity. We may be inclined toward overdoing and overstating. Joy and optimism prevail within our inner worlds.


Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn.jpg

The Moon is in Capricorn!


Our awareness turns now to the planning that is needed to concretize and lay a proper foundation for the goals we set under the Sagittarius Moon. We also become aware of the limitations of time and, since we are motivated by the desire for success we must use our time wisely to avoid emotional tension. We are more resourceful under this sobering and even depressing influence and if we can face reality honestly and objectively it can be a very productive time. Achievement and Manifestation are important to us now.

Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius.jpg

The Moon is in Aquarius!


We are more eccentric and rebellious at this time as are attracted to the new and unusual, that which is revolutionary and benefits the whole as opposed to particular parts. There is an instinctive need for improvement as reactions are more intellectual and emotionally detached. Interactions may be more impersonal than usual. The energy of this time supports social gatherings that deal with group ideals and goals for the future. Brainstorming new ideas for progressive change is also supported at this time. We are more open to new methods for doing things and have the future in mind. Personal freedom is important so don’t set schedules and appointments too rigidly at this time.

Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces.jpg

The Moon is in Pisces!


This is the last sign that the Moon traverses in her procession of the Constellations before beginning her journey again in Aries. This is a Dreamy time when (on the unconscious side) we look toward our comfort foods, drugs, alcohol and other things we use to escape reality and facing our emotions. On the Consciousness side this time holds great potential to dredge up for transmutation, forgiveness and inner forgiveness, deeply buried traumas and useless patterns and habits that are holding us in a place of misery and unhappiness.
We are more impressionable and imaginative as our intuition is in full force. Boundaries and walls that we have in place blur as Pisces has a diluting influence, merging and blending. As one of the many things Pisces presides over is everything that is vague and indescribable this is what is saturating our inner worlds. Details are overlooked and emotions defy description.

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