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Soul Template Readings


What is a Soul Template Reading?

The Template of the Soul is the Natal Chart, and reveals 

what we may revert to when living on autopilot. 
The good, the bad, the ugly.


When we Let Go of erroneous misperceptions,

and bring in more consciousness,

the possibilities open up in life.

Understanding the Soul Template can

spring board us through great,

fulfilling, and much needed


Knowing where we're coming from
Knowing where we go.


What can a Soul Template Reading Offer?

Guidance, support, clarity, and increased self awareness. 


The Soul Template is a snapshot of the influences of the heavenly bodies, at the moment we take our first breath on this planet. 

We carry these influences our whole life and can rise above

challenges through conscious awareness and effort.

We all have blessings and challenges.

That which inherently manifests destructively,

with conscious effort can be made constructive,

allowing one to achieve great success in life.

The Soul Template sheds light on strengths, areas for growth, relationship patterns, career potentials, and much more.


The goal of this session

is to provide you with an objective view of your constitution in life, and to support you in progressing. 


One reading provides the awareness to avoid pitfalls and stagnancy, to claim your power, to rise into your success,

and into your destiny! 





Please CONTACT me with the following information:
(This information is kept private, in a password protected

storage that only I have access to. All results of readings

are strictly confidential. You are encouraged to record

the readings for further future processing.)

Information Needed:


☆Full Name


☆Birth Day

☆Birth Month

☆Birth Year

☆Birth Time

(to within 4min, or to within 2hrs)
☆City of Birth

(and also the closest major city)

The time of Birth should be exact preferably,

but can be within 4 minutes or within hours.

You get a lot more valuable information with your birth time.

To obtain your birth time,

you can contact your hospital of birth and

speak to the records department for this information.


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