Pranic Healing

Most people feel relief after just one treatment.

Additional treatments may be required,

depending on severity of ailment,

and receptivity of client.

Pranic Healing is a gentle, no touch,

powerful yet gentle energy healing modality developed by

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.


Pranic Healing utilizes clean fresh Prana or Chi naturally generated by the Earth, Air, and Sun, as well as Divine Heavenly Prana to balance, harmonize, and transform the body’s energetic,

emotional, and physical processes.

Prana is the life force energy that is

essential for the human body to survive.

Pranic Healing is based on the principal

that by applying this energy or Prana

in specific ways, the natural healing

process of the body is accelerated. 

Pranic Healers work to correct

imbalances and remove impurities and

trauma from the chakra system, as well

as from the subtle bodies to eliminate

physical and psychological dis-ease.

The beauty of Pranic Healing,

is that there is no imbalance 

or ailment that can not be alleviated.

Illnesses manifest for many reasons:

* Being excessively negative/ surrounding oneself with excessively negative people.

* Inhabiting environments that are quite negative, and or are energetically unclean.

* Not practicing basic levels of energetic hygiene.


Illnesses manifest in the outer/subtle bodies first,

and make their way inward toward the physical

body. This means that an illness that you

have just started to experience physically

may have been in your aura for

quite some time.

There are many ways to keep an optimal

level of physical health, and one is the

proper maintenance of

Energetic Hygiene.

Practicing Energetic Hygiene helps to

prevent debris and congestion from

contaminating the subtle bodies,

and removes them before they can

make their way into the

physical body.

Meditation, or going within, regularly

also assists in keeping your bodies strong.  

Observing and training the mind away

from negative thought habits is

another way to avoid

ill health.

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