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The Sun Through the Signs

Sun in Aries

Sun in Aries.png

The Sun is now in the Mars ruled sign of Aries!

Happy Astrological New Year!

The Sun has entered Aries and it now begins a new year long cycle through the constellations of the Zodiac.


In this first sign of the Zodiac, we find the Sun warming and enhancing our Drive and Desires. The Cardinal/initiating Fire sign Vitality of Aries, analogous with his ruling planet Mars, Bursts through with an explosion that is powerful enough to take us from winter to spring.

In this time of Aries Sun I encourage everyone to take action. The energies now are ripe for initiating change and moving toward goals. Exercise and begin a spring clean of the body,

mind and spirit.

Sun in Taurus


The Sun is now in the Venus ruled sign of Taurus!

Taurus is a Fixed sign. Fixed signs hold the seasons in place. Taurus holds the Spring in place in the Northern Hemisphere. 


In this second sign of the Zodiac, we are now Mid Spring, A most magical time when the veil between the prime material plane and the realm of the Fairies and Elementals is the thinnest. So go out in nature, in your garden, or a forest, and give your love to those who strive to keep natures balance. Open your hearts to their love and guidance, and help where you can, to keep the wild woods healthy, clean, and Loved. Now is the time when flowers bloom in abundance in the Spring that washes over the Northern Hemisphere. Our sensuality is enhanced, as is any tendency toward intractability. The Earth sign beauty of Taurus, analogous with her ruling planet Venus, shines through in nature.


In this time of Taurus Sun I encourage everyone to play a more active role in the maintenance of Earth Health. It is as easy as picking up trash in your neighborhood. Or, and especially, just not throwing it out your car window in the first place, should that apply to you... It is a good time to tend to your possessions. De-clutter, or, acquire new possessions. Make sure acquisitions resonate with your heart and please your senses. Blessed Be the spark of nature within us all!

Sun in Gemini


The Sun is now in the Mercury ruled sign of Gemini!

Gemini is a Mutable sign, Mutable signs deconstruct the seasons that a new one may be initiated by a Cardinal sign. Gemini deconstructs spring to make way for Summer, but Gemini is still Spring until the Solstice moves the Sun into Cancer and Summer.

In this third sign of the Zodiac, we find the vital energies of the Sun warming and enhancing our mental realms, communications, short journeys, as well as relationships with siblings and our logical minds. The Sparkling Air sign vibrancy of Gemini adds curiosity and fervency to our mental faculties as now is the time when the weather warms and Gemini Sun takes us through the last of Spring.


In this time of Gemini Sun I encourage everyone to socialize, to come out of hermitage and embrace one another with open minds. Focus on what unites us rather than on what divides us. It is as easy as saying hello to the stranger in the grocery line up. Remember that looks can be deceiving and that visions are seldom as they seem. The person with the grumpy look on their face may just look that way because Saturn conjuncts their ascendant. Say hello with a smile, and the grump may very well melt off that face to reveal the smile of a warm heart.

Sun in Cancer


The Sun is now in the Moon ruled sign of Cancer!

Cancer is a Cardinal sign. Cardinal Signs take us into a new season and Cancer takes us into Summer. 

In this fourth sign of the Zodiac, we find the Sun warming and enhancing our private lives, homes, and our inner worlds of emotions and instinctive reactions. The water sign beauty of Cancer and her ruling luminary, the Moon, are in correlation to the warm ocean shallows rich and abundant with life. Picture if you will, a vast and lush underwater ecosystem. Fantastical creatures and plant life, all interdependent on one another, live in the warm waters as the Moon above pulls the waters back and forth in ebb and flow. The Moon brings nourishment with her cycles to the life in the shallows and to all the life upon the planet. 

In this time of Cancer Sun, I encourage everyone to play a more active role in the maintenance of Emotional Health. By providing ourselves with good emotional health, we create an atmosphere which allows others to feel comfortable helping themselves to do the same. Remember that an atmosphere is made up of the collective auras of everyone present and the quality and expression of the atmosphere is determined by the qualities of energetic vibration within each aura. Practice sympathy and loving kindness to help yourself and others to polish up our auras and we can all shine. Sympathy abounds. 

Sun in Leo


The Sun is at home in Leo!

Leo is a Fixed sign. Fixed Signs hold a season in place, unwavering and steadfast. Leo holds the Summer.

In this fifth sign of the Zodiac, we find the vital energies of the Sun warming and enhancing our individuality and our sense of self as well as all that we do for play and recreation. All signs shine luminously at this time. The Fire sign passion of Leo and his ruling luminary, the Sun, are in correlation to the Blazing and intractable mid-day sun, lovers and being seen at our best. 

In this time of Leo Sun I encourage everyone to go out and have fun, whatever it is you love to do! No matter how dowdy, stuffy, and rigid one may feel, there is no better time than Leo Sun to enjoy oneself! Be showy and strut your stuff. The Warm Summer Nights need your sparkle! Our Charisma and flare are enhanced at this time too, so go out and be seen. Help a recluse to find an activity to enjoy too. Vivacious Vitality flows to us all at this time. We need only let it in. Music, Theater, Dancing! The Leo Sun supports this all!


Sun in Virgo


The Sun is in the Mercury ruled sign of Virgo!

Virgo is a Mutable sign. Mutable signs “take down the set” of the season which we have just been in to allow for the following Cardinal sign to “initiate” the scene for the next season. Virgo IS Summer until the Equinox moves the Sun into Autumn, in the Cardinal Sign of Libra.

In this the sixth sign of the Zodiac we find the vital energies of the Sun warming and enhancing the areas of daily work, health and service to others, and the ability to focus on the small details. Virgo is the oldest and wisest of the Diurnal Signs, the Sun now radiates the Earthy Practicality of Virgo with her mental acuity. The saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” is very Virgo, and rings true on many deep levels. Improvements in our ability to "get down to the nitty gritty”, analyze, focus, and manifest thought are to be expected. The providence of the Virgo Sun reminds us now, as we near the end of Summer, to begin to be aware of that which no longer serves us and to let it go. Much like how she encourages the late summer leaves to begin to fall. This prepares us for the inner transformations that Autumn brings. As a transformational specialist, I assist many in the process of letting go of that which holds us back from being our true authentic selves. Let us all prepare ourselves now by looking within, objectively, to follow our bliss and let go of that which binds us to inner suffering.

In this time of Virgo Sun I encourage us all to work on improving our health on all levels, go into deep cleaning mode removing all that no longer serves us from all areas of our lives, be of selfless service, and try to be less critical of ourselves and others. Practice compassionate objectivity, loving kindness, and other virtues. Be provident toward the sustainability of our futures.Virgo is the sign that occurs at the time of Harvest. Nowadays we can buy pineapple in the dead of winter, but there was a time when this time of year found our tractor-less ancestors near starvation before the Earth sprouted forth her abundance of new food. They had to focus and move quickly to harvest, and properly process the food to last another year. Canning, storing, drying, all had to be done meticulously and properly so that food would not spoil. Life depended on it. So we must really take the time to appreciate all that we have and all that our ancestors struggled through. This is also a time when a great deal of honest hard work will yield crazy abundant harvests y’all, so get to it! Also, remember to regularly practice the art of allowing ourselves to receive all good things. What good is a harvest if we don't allow ourselves to receive it?

Sun in Libra


The Sun is in the Venus & Saturn ruled sign of Libra!

Libra is a Cardinal Sign. Cardinal signs are the initiators of the New Seasons. Libra is the initiation of Autumn and the Dark half of the year.

In this seventh sign of the Zodiac, we find the vital energies of the Sun at their lowest as they warm and enhance our partnerships, how we relate to others, and our balance between the two polarities that pull us between the world within us and the world outside of ourselves. The energetic influences of Libran Sun find us more sociable, valuing harmony and peace. Violence, be it physical, mental, emotional, or psychic, all become quite distasteful. Indecisiveness is present as we can see clearly many sides to choices and decisions to be made. We are more accommodating and even tempered. The Air Sign Charm and Diplomacy of Libra along with the affective beauty of his ruling planet Venus, as well as the seriousness of co-ruling planet Saturn, are in correlation with Karmic Law, Justice, Equality, Harmony, Beauty, Charm, Seduction, Music and Meditation. 


In this time of Libra Sun I encourage everyone to be more aware of how they affect others. Practice loving kindness and diplomacy. Find the areas where you are weak willed, and strengthen your self-love to purify your life of all that restricts you through chains of fear. Autumn is now, and is the time when it is most important to practice self-purification. Libran Sun helps us to become aware of what no longer serves us, so that Scorpio Sun can assist us in stripping it all away. So sit in stillness, meditate, go within and really take a deep look into your moon, the "within" of yourself, and discover how you can restore harmony to your life. Beware of urges to indulge in dubious adherences, or even in dishonest compromises.

Blessed be Autumn!

Sun in Scorpio


The Sun is now in the Mars & Pluto ruled sign of Scorpio!

Scorpio is the fixed sign that holds the middle of the season of Autumn, the season of the reaper, and its energies are purifying, raw, powerful, transformative, dark, and at times horrific.

In this eighth sign of the Zodiac, we find the vital energies of the Sun warming and enhancing a deep and primal intuition, bringing awareness to all that we secret away. The Water Sign mystery and intuitive prowess of Scorpio is amplified by the Sun now, our emotions will become intense. That which rots deep in the depths of our souls is being churned up by Scorpio waters, for us to resolve, forgive, deal with, acknowledge and release. To allow to decay all which holds us from our growth and spiritual evolution, to be more in tune with our sexuality, more aware of power struggles, more resistant to external pressures, and more interested in the occult, and that which lies beneath the surface of what is perceived by the physical senses. It is best to stay centered and objective, as it is in the silence between the words that the answers to the riddles of our souls will emerge. As we become more aware of our emotions we realize the ferocious, primal, and raw power that they can wield when suppressed, abused, or simply not brought to conscious awareness.

In this time of Scorpio Sun, I encourage the practice of bringing one's emotions into check by regularly setting focus upon what is going on internally, in order to discover the reason and true source as to why the external world triggers such sudden and overwhelming emotions within. For it is deep within where the answers reside. Practice patience and forgiveness. Find the areas where your emotional body is weak and ask why. Practicing self-purification on all levels will be thoroughly beneficial at this time. Treating one’s self to a herbal detox cleanse for ones organs and systems is always a great thing to do at this time of year, also adding more fiber and root vegetables to one’s diet will vastly improve one’s outlook on life and give one more control of one’s mind and emotions. Try out your local sauna and sweat it all out, whatever ‘it’ is. Give yourself ten minutes a day to sit in silence and go within. Get familiar with your inner child, cozy up with your higher self, and look your shadow in the eye. They are parts of you that offer great power, self-control, and awareness once they are incorporated into an everyday consciousness. The energies of this time promote the stripping away of the old, decaying, and worn out cycles within us. It can be a challenging time but one that we can use to our advantage. And the rewards are greater inner peace, clarity, and self-awareness.

Sun in Sagittarius


The Sun is in the Jupiter ruled sign of Sagittarius.


Sagittarius is a Mutable sign that deconstructs the Autumnal season to prepare for the Cardinal sign of Capricorn to come in and set up Winter.

In this ninth sign of the Zodiac we find the vital energies of the Sagittarian Sun warming and enhancing our yearnings for spiritual growth, expansion, for higher education, adventure, and optimism. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and represents the Guru, the Karmic Benefic, the teacher who encourages us to rise above the superficial and soar to the heavenly heights. This is an expansive time, a time of merriment as we prepare for, and enjoy the holiday season. We shoot for the stars to bring closer our hopes and dreams that will be solidly worked toward in the following sign of Capricorn. But for now Stargazers, JUST DREAM! 

In this time of Sagittarius Sun, I encourage you to spend time in visual meditation, clearly picturing, envisioning, imagining, seeing the complete goal and dream. as often as possible. And come the Capricorn Sun the opportunities will present themselves. Do not concern yourself with the "how", for God does the work, your role is to clearly envision, listen to your intuitive leads, and exercise your free will in choosing the leads that come to pass that will see your dream to fruition under Grace, in perfect ways.






Sun in Capricorn


The Sun is in the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn!

Capricorn is a Cardinal sign that is brought in at the Winter Solstice to set up the season of Winter.

In this the tenth sign of the Zodiac, the vital energies of the Sun are warming and enhancing the energies of conservatism, practicality, foresight, with an attention toward how we handle our resources, securities, and finances. We are more grounded at this time with an eye open for the leads that will bring forth the prize or goal that we set forth in Sagittarius Sun. We desire to be more useful and effective in the world around us. This is a festive time of year with Chanukah, Kwanza, Christmas, Solstice, New Years, Saturnalia and so much more happening. A time when we can see "what is" for what it is, with out any dreamy goggles on. This is a time to take the actions as they arise to bring us baby step by baby step toward the proper manifestation of our goals. A time to lay and work on fine tuning our solid foundations. Career work is highlighted as well. 

In this time of Capricorn Sun I encourage us all to practice constancy of aim and effort in tending to our foundations. Capricorns Ruling Planet Saturn reminds us to make sure our manifestations are authentic and based on truth. Nothing but the truth will do and all else will be stripped away and not likely in comfortable ways. The days of realism abound.

Sun in Aquarius


The Sun is in the Saturn & Uranus ruled sign of Aquarius!

Aquarius is a fixed sign which holds the season of Winter in place.

In this the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, we find the vital energies of the Sun warming and enhancing our originality as well as the parts of us that are rebellious, revolutionary, and humanitarian. From the heights of the Firmament descends the divine light that dispels all illusion, error thoughts, and corruption. Flames are sparked and eccentricity floods our beings. From the heights of the Firmament we are all one, the land masses and water bodies are all part of the one Earth.


In this time of Aquarius sun it is time to be truly, unabashedly ourselves. As there is an air of interpersonal detachment, this is a great time to see things as they are, unclouded by our emotions. Revolutionary energies as well are flooding the collective consciousness to carry forward the stable and structured changes that Capricorn Sun has manifested. We take what works for everyone with us into the future, and all else is left to the history books.


The Sun is now in the Jupiter & Neptune ruled sign of Pisces!


Pisces is a Mutable sign that deconstructs Winter, to allow for the Spring Equinox to bring in the Cardinal Sign of Aries which begins the Astrological New Year, the whole yearly cycle anew with the Spring season.

In this the twelfth and final sign of the Zodiac Pisces returns us to source. We find our unconsciousness, dreams, fantasies, and utopian ideals being warmed by the vital energies of the Winter Sun. We may notice that some things once buried deeply in our subconscious begin floating to the surface. This is a great gift of Pisces, like a spring cleaning preparation, sifting out all which you no longer wish to hold within, releasing it with love, and flushing it away as it comes up. .
Remember, a consciously generated positive thought will always outweigh an unconsciously generated negative thought. As I teach often, Layer and grow your thoughts consciously. This is the last Sign in the Sun’s Procession through the constellations. This is a time of great power! The completion of a long yearly cycle and so there is great wisdom and magic available to us at this time. This Winter sign allows us deep introspection and inner journeys. The most important thing to remember is to make the time to go within. As this will take you deep into your inner world, it is best not to meditate while working or operating heavy machinery. 

In this time of Pisces Sun I encourage us all to remember that Pisces rules all that is vague and indescribable, and so we are being bathed in a sea of energy that is of the same quality. This is a time when many humans may escape the facing of what is within, through substance abuse and denial, or escaping into the mind and out of the physical and emotional body. Remember that this is potent time of being in the Universal Womb before we all burst forth in the Aries Sun, and this is a most opportune time to shed the layers that no longer serve. It may be a challenging process but the rewards include a whole new life lived in closer alignment with our own individual personal and collective truths. Remember that God is the only saviour to dissolve the illusion of the Devils Parlour.

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